Our First Place

Thanx Annie for hosting Time Travel Tuesday!

Our first home. This will be a telling post!

I was 16 when I was married and three months pregnant. I was so excited to be married with my own home. I moved from my childhood house to a small, one-bedroom home in town.

Dh was working as a bagger at a local grocery store and making decent money for 1981. He was also part of the Union, so our medical needs were met (praise God!!) I was going to school most mornings and piddling around my home the rest of the time.

Our home was furnished “Early Salvation Army” and our families were generous with their ‘extras’.
Our living room had a gold couch, a brown velvet-looking easy chair, shelves made from scrap wood and cinderblocks and tie-dyed curtains! The bathroom had brown rugs and a grey shower curtain. LOL

I was a terrible cook. Poor hubby suffered silently for many years eating pasty gravy and over-cooked meat. We ate out a lot.

We only lived in that little house for 5 months. We moved to a ‘bigger’ place before the baby was born. We have wished many times that we would have stayed there. The landlord wanted to sell it to us, but we were too young and ignorant to make that investment. He sold it for 38K and the man that bought it put a little into it and sold it for 98K 6 months later.

At any rate, our first home together was a wonderful springboard to our adventure together. The walls were block - drafty and dirty. The floors were bare, drafty and dirty. There was no air and the heater was a free standing propane ‘box’ that wasn’t all that safe. We loved that little place!

A place where dreams were born and planned. A place where we learned that life doesn’t hand you anything - you have to work for it and it’s worth it! A place where we started our life together and decided that we stay together and honor our vows NO MATTER WHAT!

And today, 26 ½ years later, we still think about that place.


Nancy Face said...

I enjoyed your story so much! You described the details of your home so well, it was easy to imagine what it was like! Thanks for sharing! :)

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Great post! Welcome to TTT!

Barbara H. @ Stray Thoughts said...

That first home really is the birthplace and springboard for so much!

Corey~living and loving said...

awwwwww what a touching read! Thank you for sharing with us so much!

KC said...

Sounds like the perfect little place to start out at. You describe it so well.
Thank you for sharing it with us.

sheryl said...

I had no idea you were married so young...and I thought I was young! Sounds like you were a bit more mature than I was ;)
The early days definitely involved lots of learning and maturing, but similar to what you said, it forged us together in so many ways that I'm thankful for today.

sheryl said...

I'm breaking you into the blogosphere but good...I just gave you an award :)
Come check it out.

LoveMyStarr said...

I'm a little teary-eyed after reading that! Sounds like God really blessed your life.