Well, we are back on the farm now and everyone is so glad to be home! Everyone has their room back - their stuff back -- their little piece of the world back.

Carpenter and the boys have been spending blissful evenings in the new shop with sawing, hammering, drilling and country music noises drifting into the air. I'm pretty sure hearts will be swelling as handmade Christmas presents are passed out this year!

Teenage daughter is back in her green and pink sanctuary down the hall. She's appreciating it more these days after being in the "room off the living room" at grandma's for six months. Muffled sounds of Casting Crowns and Barlow Girls are vibrating behind her door.

I am in heaven. I feel blessed beyond measure. I felt wonderful being able to help out mother-in-law when she needed us, but being back home soothes my spirit. We have all learned to appreciate what we have. Circumstances change - sometimes with less than a moment's notice - and we are all learning to love what we have at the moment, but hold it loosely. Be content in all situations and be ready for what the Lord has for you next.

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Sheryl http://www.takingthechallenge.typepad.com said...

Wise words, Eyvonne! A lesson that was definitely re-taught to us as well this year!
Home...it really is a special place isn't it? So happy you're back home!