The Biggest Loser

I was watching The Biggest Loser last night (don't judge me!) and one of the "final four" said, "If I can do it, anyone can do it!"

Well, yeah - anyone who gets to spend 6 months secluded on a ranch with a personal trainer, 24 hr gym, stocked kitchen, and a million dollars to shoot for!!

What about the rest of us?

Now, I don't begrudge these people their time there, the resources they have on hand or the prize money...they earn it! One man started at over 500 pounds! I say if you have the opportunity, go for it!

Here's the deal... I am 45 years old, 5'3", and 150 pounds. I smoke, drink too much Dr Pepper and spend waaaayyyy too much time on the computer! I'm unhealthy. I live on a small farm on 13 or so acres, own a treadmill/clothes rack, make a moderate income and have a loving supportive family. What's up??? Why is it so hard to make healthy choices??

I need to lose 25 pounds. It's easier to take a "vitamin" for appetite suppressant than be disciplined. It's easier (not to mention cheaper!!) to make the same old "comfort food" than plan and prepare healthy alternatives. It's much easier to lay down and watch tv or get on the computer than to go for a walk or use the treadmill.

I need to quit smoking. I have a drawer full of Nicorette and an electronic cigarette on my desk. It's still easier to sit on the deck and smoke. It's easier to give in to the craving than tough it out.

I guess the question is how bad do I want it? There are things that I don't give in to. It's easier to stay home than go to work, but I love my job and need the money, so I go. It's easier to let my kids have their way than to argue with them, but I love my kids and want them to be disciplined, well-rounded, productive members of society, so I don't give in. It's easier to be lazy than to cook and clean, but I love my family and want them to live in a healthy, comfortable environment, so I push forward.

Wow. I love my family, my kids, my job so I do what's necessary - not easy. Do I love myself? Do I love me enough to tough out a nicotine craving to save my life? Do I love me enough to choose the treadmill and a salad instead of tv and a bowl of cereal? Do I love my family enough to love ME?? The Bible says to love your neighbor as yourself. I guess if I don't love myself, my neighbor is in trouble!!
I'm not saying I'm ready to quit smoking, start exercising, change our eating habits and schedule a spa day (well, maybe the spa day wouldn't be so hard!) but I am learning that in order to be the best wife & mother I can be - I have to be the best ME I can be! My family is worth it and so am I!

Maybe I need Jillian here to scream at me to keep going!!

UPDATE: 9/11/2010 I quit smoking! One down....

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