I'm listening, Lord

We are preparing for our trip to TN.  My son-in-law is getting ready to go to Iraq, my newest granddaughter is 3 months old, my youngest grandson is starting kindergarten, my other son-in-law has his orders for his next station, and we are ready to be there!

We have three vehicles..a Ford Pick-up, a Mercury Marquis and a Ford Van. We also have two teenage boys that will not fit in the back seat of the truck or the Marquis. The Truck needs new tires before a road-trip and the car's air conditioning went out (not to mention some electrical issues that have popped up). So, the van it is!

We put four new tires on the van, cleaned it out & gassed it up. I bought snacks and drinks for the trip and the boys have their dvd's and video games all ready.

Carpenter came to get the van to fix a little something (not sure what it was) while I was at work. He came in as I was getting off and said it broke down. What?? There was nothing wrong with it a lunch! An hour and a half later, it's apparently the fuel pump. The garage (fantastic people who I REALLY appreciate!) will get on it first thing in the morning - should be done by noon, they say.

Well, here's the thing. Carpenter & I took the rest of the week off for this trip. We were planning to leave very early tomorrow (2am-ish) and wanted to be back Saturday evening. It's an eight hour trip so instead of getting there at 10 in the morning it will be 8 at night. But that's if we get to leave at noon. If they can fix the van. And if there is nothing else wrong with it.

Why am I typing all of this? Because I am realizing that my God loves me and is looking out for my best interest. He knows how much I want to see my daughters and grandchildren. He knows how much they want to see us. But He also knows what the future holds. He knows whether or not the Sow and her brand-new litter will need us here. He knows whether or not my mother-in-law (a dear 84 yr old lady that lives on our property) will need us here. He knows if the van will make the 1100 mile round trip. He knows.

"But whoever listens to me will dwell safely, and will be secure, without fear of evil."
                                                                  Proverbs 1:33

I'm listening, Lord


Kirsty said...

Oooo you have piggies on the way!?
Pigs are my absolute favourite animal! I looove them!
I hope you're not going to eat them haha

Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog! I would love it if you got any inspiration and ideas off of me! :) I'm fairly new to this whole blogging thing to so if I can help you out a long the way I'm glad to!

Eileen said...

I hope they fix you van and all goes well. Have fun on your trip!

Eyvonne said...

Kirsty - Been workin' & workin' on my blog and you started it! lol Thanks!!

Eileen - Still don't have the van fixed and we didn't get to go :( Bummed but we'll be ok. Thanks for the thoughts!

Larry & Debbie said...

I was told that I would need a oxygen tank in 6 months if I didn't quit smoking. After 40+ years of smoking that is all it took to get me to stop and as of August 24, 2010 it will be 2 years since my last cigarette. So, Eyvonne, please don't wait as I was a lucky one who only has minor lung damage and your family needs you, so stop now before anything bad happens.
I also love your blog, please keep it up as this is pretty much the only thing that keeps me informed on all you guys. I would love to see everyone again and soon as we miss all of you!

Take Care,
Larry & Debbie O