Setting Things Straight

"Are you OK?" "Did you have gastric bypass?" "You're not smoking again, are you?" "DRUGS??"

Yes, I have lost 'a lot of weight' - 40 pounds to be exact - but I had it to lose! It took me almost 10 months to lose it and I'm not sure what all the fuss is about.


Here's the outline:

  • After years of suffering, was finally diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. One of the meds has a side-effect known as taste perversion. It turns your taste buds into a waste land. Unfortunately (or fortunately, I guess) it works on french fries, Dr Pepper, candy bars, etc. Cravings just aren't what they used to be!
  • About a year ago, Don and I moved to town. There are sidewalks and sub-divisions and quiet neighborhoods to walk through. Realizing how much better I feel if I can stretch these rebellious muscles of mine, we started walking every day. Walking anywhere from .5 to 1.5 miles per day is going to show in the weight department.
  • One lovely fringe benefit of Fibro is IBS. I finally found a product that works! Bio-X4 It is not only a great Probiotic, but has a great weight management blend. The recommendation is 1-2 three times daily. I've been taking one a day and it's been perfect for my system.
  • In July of 2016, I had some extensive dental work done. The procedure is still not complete. It makes it difficult to eat certain foods. To be honest, it's not worth it. So at work when the chips and snacks are out (even if they did taste as good as they should!) I will pass. 
  • Now that I've lost 40 pounds I'm completely motivated to make a healthy choice. I love to walk. I will drink water. I will even do yoga before bed because I ENJOY it!!

So now you know. I am OK, I did not have gastric bypass, I am not smoking again and I'm not doing drugs. But thank you for checking on me! 

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