Faith Lift Friday

I know I'm late on this, but wanted to get in on Sheryl's loop! :)

Thank you, Sheryl, for reminding us to look up!

This week I ran across this Scripture and it really spoke to me. Nothing deep or profound, just a way I want to spend my days.

"Enjoy yourselves in the presence of the Lord your God along with your sons, daughters, male and female slaves, the Levites who live in your cities, the foreigners, orphans, and widows who live among you. Enjoy yourselves at the place the Lord your God will choose for His name to live." Deuteronomy 16:11

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sheryl said...

Hey girlfriend! You got the button up! WTG! :)
Love that scripture...what a needed and sweet reminder we are to enjoy ourselves in His presence! So often I'm all worked up about things and forget to just enjoy H I M!