A Family of God

Two people meet and fall in love
and decide to make a life together.
They live and laugh and grow so close
and know it will be forever.

Their life is good as they live each day
with all that they are praying for.
But soon they know, deep in their hearts,
that there should be one more.

Their love and hopes and dreams endure
as they pray for a little one to share.
But month after month after month goes by
and the disappointment is too much to bear.

"Why Lord?", they ask.
"How can you be so unkind?"
"My children," gently answers the Lord.
"I have another plan in mind."

"From the minute you were formed I had plans for you,
your spouse, your kids, your being.”
"I have the perfect idea for you
for I am all-knowing, all-seeing."

In another town, not far away,
some children are not treated fair.
Their little lives have been torn apart
but our Heavenly Father is there.

With tender love and gentle care
He made two halves a whole.
The kids needed parents, the parents needed kids,
and each one fits the role.

This story is about our time together
as you may have already guessed.
Tho' things didn't go just as we planned,
our life is full and blessed.

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