Fall Projects....

We have been enjoying this wonderful Fall weather and taking advantage of beautiful days.

I decided to "remodel" our old pink garden shed and came up with this:

Princess painted flowers on the side and Carpenter built a potting bench that I will mosaic.

Carpenter and the boys had two old trampoline frames and made me a greenhouse frame. Plastic and benches are next.

My first try at mosaic was with a concrete paver and a broken baking dish! Here's the result:

The welcome and birds used to be a door hanging that didn't survive the fall. :{

Virtually all of the above materials were recycled, repurposed or already sitting around. The paint was left over from previous projects, the greenhouse frame and mosaic materials were repurposed (I did have to buy a small bag of grout) and the lumber, buckets, etc were picked up from around the place. We will, of course, need to buy plastic for the greenhouse, but all in all they were cheap projects!

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