Maid Service

As I plunked the clean clothes basket down in the hall between the boys' rooms, I hollered, "Maid Service!". Among the bleeps and buzzes of the playstation, a voice exclaims, "Cool!"

Cool? What about "Thanks Mom" or "I'll get it"?

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might...Ecclesiastes 9:10a

Yes, that includes laundry. And dishes. And toilets. And vacuuming. Making my home clean and healthy - with all my might.

Equipped with the tools of my trade, I tackle the world I live in with a vengeance! Killing germs and fighting grime like a Superhero! Making sure my family has clean clothes, clean dishes, and a clean environment that they will dirty, mess and destroy so I can do it again!
A person can go to and calculate how much money you would make at your job as a mom/homemaker, but I don't want to know. It's too depressing.
My benefit package far outweighs any salary I could make! Not the least of which is this:
Twenty minutes after I dropped off the laundry in the hall, the boy comes to me in the kitchen and hugs me tight. "Thanks for doing my laundry, mom".

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sheryl said...

What you do cannot be given a dollar value!! I think in Heaven we might surprised at the value put on those very things you did for your family.
Think you'll like my FLF post. I already put it up today...a bit earlier than usual :)