Doo, Doo, Doo

I woke up at 3:00 this morning singing CCR's "Looking Out My Back Door" It was odd because I haven't heard that song in years. I don't listen to 'oldies', there isn't a commercial with the tune, no one had been singing it lately. No reason for that song to be in my head.

I got up at 6:00 still singing that silly song! I looked up the lyrics (I don't remember it being that bazaar of a song!) and one line in particular jumped out at me. Bother me tomorrow, today I'll buy no sorrow. Hmmm....sounds a lot like "therefore, do not worry" in Matthew 6:25-31.

Coffee in hand, I sat down to check my email. I love reading Homeschooling Today and there was an article in my inbox. It was a fantastic piece on our "to do" list verses God's "to be" list. It reminded me to look for the important things in my day. The joy that play-doh brings far outweighs the mess! Taking time to enjoy my children is tantamount to worrying about the condition of the floors. I remembered that poem from long ago about how the dust will still be there years from now, but your children won't. Don't worry.

After email, I often stop by Sheryl's Place. On Friday's she hosts Faith-Lift Friday's and I always enjoy reading them. This morning was no different. She had a devotional from by Eva Marie Everson. A touching story reminding us that our Heavenly Father is concerned over every detail of our lives. If you have a minute, pop over and read the story. The point is, if it's important to us, it's important to Him. He's looking out for us, don't worry.

I'm sure by now, you are seeing a theme. Well, I didn't. Not at first. After my computer time, I grabbed another cup of coffee and headed "out my back door" to the deck. It's a new deck that we just built in May. A beautiful deck that we all worked on with love, sweat and yes a few tears! I was sitting in "my spot" looking out over the back yard.

It's a beautiful view I have. Actually, there are two views. One shows that the shop front isn't finished, the firepit isn't complete, the trailer full of scrap metal needs to be taken to the recyclers, the kids' jungle gym should be moved, the garden needs weeding, on and on.

The other view is my favorite. My husband is a very hard working man. He built the shop from the ground up and now has a place to do all the other hard working things he does! He has cleaned up the back property and a load of scrap is waiting to be taken in to pay him for his hard work! Our family loves to cook at the firepit! Family dinners last well into the evening with sweet fellowship and tons of fun. The fireflies complete perfect times! The basketball hoop, jungle gym, trampoline and bikes have all seen better days, but oh, the days they've had! Kids and grandkids playing, learning, growing, and doing it all together! The garden is lush and fruitful and beautiful and the weeds add to its fullness! What a blessing that piece of ground has been to our entire family -- friends and community too!

So, as summer marches forward, bringing bored cranky kids, extra yard and house work, garden stuff to deal with and a hot, tired mommy, I will have to remember this day. Don't worry - just look out my back door!

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sheryl said...

Oooo....your deck is is the view :)
Great post on appreciating the gifts we do have and not focusing on the negatives.
Thanks also for the linky-love :)
Have a blessed weekend!