Makin' a list & checkin' it twice

Well, it's that time of year again. Time to be thinking about Christmas. The time of year that we celebrate Jesus' birth by giving gifts in honor of Him.

In our home, we make as many hand-made gifts as possible. I have the kids make a list of all they want to make for. Then they list ideas of things they can make.

Princess is making jewelry this year out of polymer clay. I'll post pics when she gets some pieces finished.

The boys are working in wood. The youngest was out in the shop busily (and secretly) working on my gift. He spent most of Saturday and some of Sunday measuring, cutting, gluing & nailing.

Unfortunately, he cannot wait to give any more than the rest of us! Sunday evening he had me close my eyes while he put my gift on the living room floor.

It's beautiful!

He used the cedar scraps leftover from our deck to build me this gorgeous planter.

He got the instructions from a woodworking book on our bookshelf. Followed the directions and viola!
He was so proud of his work. Couldn't hold a candle to mama's pride though!
Don't tell the rest of the family, but I think they're getting one too!

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