Their Very First Pomegranates

When I was a young teen, there was a pomegranate tree in the church yard close to our school. We would sneak over there at lunch and swipe one! (shhhhhh)

It has recently come to my attention that my three youngest kids have never had a pomegranate! I decided to remedy that this weekend. Even though they were quite pricey ($1.50ea) I bought 3 of them from the grocery store.

Seeing those juicy jewels and smelling that tangy sweetness made my mouth water! Brought me back to those Jr High days in the churchyard.

The kids loved them! It was quite an experience.

Princess was prim and proper, taking care not to mess up anything but her two fingers.

The boy was hesitant at first, but didn't have a problem getting messy.

The youngest dove right in!!

Such a simple pleasure. I'm going to keep my eyes open for new things to try. Pomegranates should be on the top of everyone's list!

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Mc Allen said...

aww, the joys of first's!! I used to love them when I was little too and thanks , now I want one!!! LOL....LA