A day in the life....

When was the last time you walked down your hall and saw your son's bedroom door laying on the floor? Mine was 2 minutes ago!

I hear this pounding and thudding coming from the other end of the house. With two teen-age boys, I MUST investigate. There they are, hammers in hand, sprawled out on the floor with the door underneath them! "It came off the hinges, mom." Hmmm... wonder how that happened.

I'm thinking this can be a learning opportunity. Carpentry? Home repair? Team work? Industriousness? Nope. Patience! Not their learning opportunity, MINE!

They saw a challenge (door just came right off the hinges!), found a solution (hammers & nails) and set out to conquer. Isn't that what I want for my sons? To be able to see the challenges in this world and find a way to meet them? To work together in a time of crisis? To fix the flippen door when it "comes off the hinges"???

I now hear power tools....what can I learn from THAT????

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